Monday, May 4, 2009

Lola turned THREE!

Lola turned three on March 15 and we took her the golden arches to enjoy chicken nuggets and fries with her sister and two cousins (Arie & Aleisea),3 aunts,1 uncle, her Lita (grandma) and her Opa. Everyone else was either working or busy. We went to McD's for a super early lunch and at one point no kids were in the playzone for about 20 minutes! Which allowed her aunt and uncle to climb up into the play structure and help the kids through it (well, mostly Zoey). Everyone had a blast! I have yet to get those photos from another camera since I forgot mine at home.
Lola checking out the candles on her cupcake

March was such a busy month with my brother's wedding that we decided to combine her birthday party with Easter and had it almost a month later. Evelyn, Chris and the kids arrived from California the day before her party. We were all so excited that Lola and Zoey could meet their cousins again Madelyn & Aiden and finally meet Emma. What a busy day that was but we did have a blast!

The Party! Lola had been asking for the past months to have a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party. Arie Aiden & Madelyn Zoey Present Time! Zoey,Aleisea,Lola & Arie