Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Good Finds

My neighbour told me a couple weeks ago that he would be having a garage/moving sale this weekend and would be selling all the toys he had for his grandkids. I knew he had some stuff but WOW did he ever spoil his grandkids. I was lucky to have dibs on these items! I went over an hour before his garage sale started and checked it all out.

We got three large items:

  • a house with doorbell, two seats, mini table, mailbox and doorbell

  • a car that Lola can sit in and push around with her feet

  • a Little Tikes picnic table

I am very excited to have a few more outdoor toys for Lola to play with (and soon Zoey). We are going to keep the house and table on the sundeck until the weather gets a little nicer. This way I can also let Lola go on the sundeck and back in the house as she pleases. Luckily we have a covered sundeck. I need to move things around to make it all fit better.

On the down side my neighbors are moving. It's a rental house and he has been the best renter ever. He always kept an eye out for our place when we were away (actually, even when we weren't away). He prevented burglars from getting away with some of our stuff. We have been very lucky to have such a good neighbor. Hopefully we are just as lucky with the new neighbors.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Creative Side

About six years ago I took the Wilton Cake Decorating Course with a friend of mine. We wanted to improve our decorating skills and we had a lot of fun doing it. Even long before that, my mom had a few icing bags and tips for cake decorating. I was always looking for an opportunity to play with them. Since the course I have enjoyed making a few shower cakes and two wedding cakes. I will have to dig for photos of previous cakes and post them at a later date.
Today I had another opportunity to make a baby shower cake. I was looking forward to this for a couple days. My sister-in-law was throwing a shower for a friend/co-worker of hers and I offered to make the cake. Since Lola usually goes to my mother-in-laws every Friday it was perfect timing for me to create.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Been A Poopy Week

Not the nicest topic for conversation but when you're a parent it's a pretty normal topic. Yesterday Lola decided to poop in the tub. Luckily both her and Zoey had already been washed and it was just play time in the water. I scooped Zoey up in a flash and Jon came to the rescue. While he held Zoey I got the lovely job of fishing out the poop! Yuck! Anyways I tried not to make too big of a deal out of it but she also needed to know she shouldn't poop in the tub and that's what the potty was for. Now, I wasn't planning on writing this for everyone to read except that, what happened today was a milestone.

Tonight when Lola was waiting for the tub to fill up she wanted to brush her teeth so I stripped her down, gave her her toothbrush and told her to go sit on her potty (like she always does before hopping in the tub). I wasn't paying too much attention to her but she did give me a funny look (it was "the look" I get when she goes #2 in her diaper). I just looked away and hoped she would continue on her potty. When she stood up I just had to go over and check.....WHOOHOO! She finally did it! I started to praise her for doing a good job...she had this confused look on her face. Jon must have heard me cheering so he came over to check out what was up. He began to cheer and clap too. So to make it clear to her that what she did was a good thing, we asked what she did and she said "poo" and pointed to her potty. Immediately after Jon and I began to clap and say "YAY!!!" We asked her a few more times and continued on with the cheering. Soon we didn't even have to ask and she just pointed and said "poo" and she kept getting the same response from me and Jon. The look on her face was priceless, she was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Did we go overboard with the cheering??? Naaa, we were just so excited she went in her potty.

I had stopped potty training her for a while because we had a few mini-meltdowns. With swimming twice a week it also made for a crazy time for potty training. I was gonna start again after swimming lessons but I think I will start tomorrow morning and hopefully we have more successful moments! Sorry no pictures in this post ;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


These have been the words that have continuously been coming out of Lola's mouth. I guess she has finally made the connection with that word and getting my attention. I do enjoy hearing her say those words. Up until now it was always "Daddy" that she would say clearly. Mommy was more of a "mama". The phone would ring and you could either hear Lola say "phone" or "Daddy". It seems that since she's learned to say mommy she has become super clingy. All she wants is me. We went for swimming lessons with her cousin (Arie) and her Tia (Spanish for aunt). Her Tia wanted to take her to climb up the kiddy slide (and I was gonna catch her at the bottom) and she wouldn't leave my side. She has never 'not wanted' to go with her Tia, she loves her to pieces. She doesn't even want Jon to help her with her dinner. She just grabs her fork and hands it to me asking to help her. When she doesn't get my help she starts to cry although I think it's kind of a fake cry. I guess this is a phase she's going through and just need to figure out how best to handle each situation.

Poor Zoey!! I woke up this morning and when I went to get Zoey this is how I found her!! I know when Jon took her to bed he hadn't buttoned her sleeper all the way. I meant to ask him to button it up but I guess I forgot and he forgot too! What kind of parents are we!!?? Poor thing, her leg was freezing this morning although she didn't complain at all! I made sure to give her some extra lovin today!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Latest Pictures

Fun times at the park. Lola calls the slide "WEE!"
Little miss cowgirl!
Always full of smiles!
Lovin the puddles!
My new wheels!

Where has the time gone??

Has the month really flown by that fast? I have NO entries for pathetic is that!!?? Now hmmm lets see...

Lola is halfway done her swimming lessons. We are having a lot of fun! Going twice a week sure makes for a busier week. I can't wait until I get a chance to take Zoey. So far she loves her baths so that's a good sign that she likes the water. The girls sure do enjoy bathing together.

Zoey is still working at sitting on her own. We are almost there, she is just so....what's the I got her weighed in the middle of February (6month mark) and she is 18 pounds 12 ounces. (WOW what a change from what Lola was like at that age). She enjoys her jolly jumper and excersaucer but I think the most fun she has is when her and Lola hang out in their crib together. All I hear is that a sign of what is yet to come? My little girls are so much fun!

Lola's words are coming along. Everyday the words she knows become clearer and clearer. She has a favourite book, it's all about hedgehogs (it's so cute hearing her say "hedgehog") She is such a busy body, always full of energy and is beginning to test the waters. How much can she get away with and the latest is "fake" crying to see if mommy will give in. I am totally on to her!! One other new thing/phase she is going through is always wanting to be with me...what a great feeling 'to be needed' except when I need to get things done or drop her off somewhere. Guess I'll see how it goes.

The last couple weeks I have been researching double strollers. Do I get a Phil and Teds? Do I get a regular tandem? Do I get a side-by-side? So many options, so many high prices!! I was searching through eBay and Craig's List. I can't believe how many people think they can sell their strollers for the same price that I could get a brand new one!! I was beginning to lose sleep over it...why? I have NO idea!! Silliness I guess. Luckily a friend of mine heard I was looking and she was planning on listing hers but I scooped it up. It's a Schwinn jogger stroller so the girls sit side-by-side and both sides recline. It's has a swivel front wheel that can lock when in jogging mode. We've gone on a few walks and the I think the girls are getting used to it. My goal is to walk to and around Mill Lake like I used to do after I had Lola.

Another goal I have is to try to post something at least once a week...hopefully I can!