Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Good Finds

My neighbour told me a couple weeks ago that he would be having a garage/moving sale this weekend and would be selling all the toys he had for his grandkids. I knew he had some stuff but WOW did he ever spoil his grandkids. I was lucky to have dibs on these items! I went over an hour before his garage sale started and checked it all out.

We got three large items:

  • a house with doorbell, two seats, mini table, mailbox and doorbell

  • a car that Lola can sit in and push around with her feet

  • a Little Tikes picnic table

I am very excited to have a few more outdoor toys for Lola to play with (and soon Zoey). We are going to keep the house and table on the sundeck until the weather gets a little nicer. This way I can also let Lola go on the sundeck and back in the house as she pleases. Luckily we have a covered sundeck. I need to move things around to make it all fit better.

On the down side my neighbors are moving. It's a rental house and he has been the best renter ever. He always kept an eye out for our place when we were away (actually, even when we weren't away). He prevented burglars from getting away with some of our stuff. We have been very lucky to have such a good neighbor. Hopefully we are just as lucky with the new neighbors.


rachel joy said...

great finds! I bet that covered deck is nice in the summer. Anytime, really! How nice.

Sarah said...

Wow! Great finds indeed. Your girls will have lots of fun with them in the summer for sure. As for your blog, I've linked you now to mine for easy access! Hope you don't mind ;)