Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Been A Poopy Week

Not the nicest topic for conversation but when you're a parent it's a pretty normal topic. Yesterday Lola decided to poop in the tub. Luckily both her and Zoey had already been washed and it was just play time in the water. I scooped Zoey up in a flash and Jon came to the rescue. While he held Zoey I got the lovely job of fishing out the poop! Yuck! Anyways I tried not to make too big of a deal out of it but she also needed to know she shouldn't poop in the tub and that's what the potty was for. Now, I wasn't planning on writing this for everyone to read except that, what happened today was a milestone.

Tonight when Lola was waiting for the tub to fill up she wanted to brush her teeth so I stripped her down, gave her her toothbrush and told her to go sit on her potty (like she always does before hopping in the tub). I wasn't paying too much attention to her but she did give me a funny look (it was "the look" I get when she goes #2 in her diaper). I just looked away and hoped she would continue on her potty. When she stood up I just had to go over and check.....WHOOHOO! She finally did it! I started to praise her for doing a good job...she had this confused look on her face. Jon must have heard me cheering so he came over to check out what was up. He began to cheer and clap too. So to make it clear to her that what she did was a good thing, we asked what she did and she said "poo" and pointed to her potty. Immediately after Jon and I began to clap and say "YAY!!!" We asked her a few more times and continued on with the cheering. Soon we didn't even have to ask and she just pointed and said "poo" and she kept getting the same response from me and Jon. The look on her face was priceless, she was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Did we go overboard with the cheering??? Naaa, we were just so excited she went in her potty.

I had stopped potty training her for a while because we had a few mini-meltdowns. With swimming twice a week it also made for a crazy time for potty training. I was gonna start again after swimming lessons but I think I will start tomorrow morning and hopefully we have more successful moments! Sorry no pictures in this post ;)

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kelly said...

that's for skipping the pictures in this post ;)
congrats to Lola! That is SO fabulous! and i'm sure you did not cheer too much ;)